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Journal Entry: Sat May 13, 2017, 4:29 PM

Watercolor are $5

still practicing this style, no extra charge for background like sky and grass.
Cartridge Trouble by pridark Gift: Ebony by pridark

Portraits are $10

can be non ponies too

Portrait Comm: Rush by pridark Portrait Comm:  Moonlight Tide by pridark Portrait Comm:  Hunter by pridark

Flat Shading are $15+ 4 per chara

Comm`: Playful Noogie by pridark Comm: Rosco by pridark Chewing candy by pridark

Chibis are $20

Chibi Comm: Starburn by pridark Comm: Little Star by pridark Chibi Hedie by pridark

Full Shading is $25 + $5 per chara

 can be ponies,humans etc without background

Comm: Surprise Hug by pridark Comm: Little Friend by pridark Part of the family by pridark

Simple Background start with $45 +$5 per chara

Usually simple mean walls,sky, clouds

Belly Rubs? by pridarkComm: Flying by pridarkComm: Cutie Stallions by pridark

Hina ichigo by pridark Miko by pridark

Medium Background start with $55 + $5 per chara

beach, grassy, simple forest etc

Comm: Learning by pridarkComm: Care to join me? by pridark

Comm: Tidal by pridark Comm: Boop by pridark Comm: Solitud by pridark

Complex Background start with $70 +$5 per chara

detailed structures, details in general

Comm: Hmm, Lemon Tea... by pridark Comm: Bar by pridark Comm: Danger to follow by pridark

Comm: NEED MORE SUGAR by pridark A Legendary Encounter by pridark

Emotions Meme prices the prices are:

6 emotions : $20
10 emotions: $30
15 emotions: $40
18 emotions: $50
they are all full shading and detailed
Emotions meme:  Destiny Resonance by pridark Emotions meme: Secret Omen by pridark

Emotions meme: AllyCatBlu by pridark

Ref Sheet price start at $70

depends in how many sides and stuff in it
Ref Sheet: Loyal Wing by pridark Ref Sheet: Blue Horizon by pridark

Comics are $15 per panel

no matter how much character or background

Comic: Alicorn Rebirth by pridark Commission Comic: Flash and Ace by pridark Comic: New World  Part 3 by pridark

I'm okey with everything, love to draw all stuff and themes  so send me a note with your project, It can be nsfw ones to and also private comms^^

To Protect The Little Ones by pridark Speed plan by pridark Comm: Cookies? by pridark
Comm: Flight by pridark
Comm: Celestia AirShip by pridark
Thanks for watch and I hope we can start a project together :D (Big Grin)

MLP Deal With it Discord Stamp by Kevfin:thumb202933901: BerryDoc Stampu by StarlightLore Thistle Stampu by StarlightLore Berry Stampu by StarlightLore

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