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September 8, 2013
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Comm: Among the Ashes by pridark Comm: Among the Ashes by pridark
The cold wind whispered in my ears, as if the voices of those who have long passed talked to me in haunting voices, the ashes continued to fall like snow, the sound of thunder boomed in the darkened sky, and the dead grass crunched under our hoofs, Healing Hearts looked down at the worn headstones with a look of depression upon her face, as if drowning in an ocean of sorrow, tears filled her eyes as she stopped and stared at the grave of a baby colt.

"What has this world come too?" she asked aloud, "what drives us to be so cruel and brutal towards each other? We have become monsters...parasites...animals, frenzied at the opportunity to do wrong...what has become of our kind?"

I honestly didn't know how to answer that question, "not everypony is like that ya know."

She looked back up at me and a tear fell down her face, "yeah, says the former outlaw who used to kill for some quick caps."

I was offended by her tone...but she was right. "I left that life years ago, Miss Hearts," she jumped towards me, burying her face into my scarf sobbing. I was surprised by her motion, I also wasn't used to her sensitive nature, I wanted to tell her to get over her emotions but I knew how she felt...I was in her position at one point myself.

She looked up into my eye, "I don't want to die out here," she said through her gasping sob.

"you won't...I promise," she buried her face again thanking me, but I felt bad 'cause I didn't know if I just made a promise I couldn't keep. I put a leg around her, "It's ok miss hearts, let it out," I felt my neck begin to dampen from her tears, I looked around at the silhouettes of tombstones creeping from the fog, all I knew is that no matter the cost, I had to keep her safe from the horrors of the wasteland, her kind and sweet nature gave me something I haven't felt in years; comfort.

I closed my eye and leaned my head to hers, her mane brushed against my face, "shhhhh," she continued to cry but, I could tell she was comforted by my voice though, I couldn't explain it, but she brought out a side of me I have never seen, and as warm as this moment made me feel inside, I knew deep down that we would have to press on...continue into the wasteland, fighting off whatever may come after us, and keep struggling to stay alive, not knowing which day will be our last...

among the ashes.

commission for :halo4456: ^^
thanks again for commissioning me!
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Great image and great story I would like to read a whole story ^^
Very nice work on the detailed and mysterious background here!
why is that pony the appitimy of dark watch?.....

come to think of it , now i wanna see some actual dark watch pony crossover , which is probably a terrible idea.....
Wow this looks awesome. Nice background
TheCrystalEevee Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I absolutly love fallout equestria! And that short stary you had in the desciption was just... Beautiful.:sad:  And the pic was well drawn as well keep up the great work.Thumbs Up 
This is so great.
batosan Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
F.O.E.! You got it! The scene is dead on!
very nice o.o
AxelGold Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh man, this reminds me of Fallout: Equestria! Well done! You are amazing! :D
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